Happy Valentine’s Day — pre or post apocalypse!

Dear All:

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve had a love-themed blog post in mind for February 14 for quite some time, but (wail!), it just hasn’t reached the on-the-page-stage yet. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I have have some other themed reading to recommend in the form of a quirky, great anthology: Nothing But Flowers ~ Tales of Post-apocalyptic Love – you definitely should.

All of its stories are available for free on the blog (linked from the title above) for 48 hours or so, and then it will be available as an e-reader download. I particularly recommend Jen Brubacher’s tale is called “I Dream of Cherry Pies” because . . . well, actually, no spoilers, but I loved it even though it made me sad (isn’t that what most great love stories do?) even while I smiled . . .

If you get a chance to read Nothing But Flowers, I’d love to hear about your favourite stories.

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day — pre or post apocalypse!

  1. Dear Rebecca:

    I only got to read about half too, but I think it’s a good thing–I’m totally stoked for the paperback.

    You have a story in Nothing But Flowers, right? (Obviously it’s one I didn’t get at!) I’m totally looking forward to it–especially now that I’ve read “The Rocky Road” from Ether Books and know a little bit of what you can do with love lost/gone wrong.


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