About Ev Bishop

cropped-wood_nymph_ev_aug_20141.jpgWelcome to my online home! I’m Ev Bishop, a writer who lives, plays and dreams in wildly gorgeous Terrace, British Columbia, Canada.

A long time columnist with The Terrace Standard, my other non-fiction work appears in a variety of regional and international publications. I have a growing list of published short fiction, plus four novels and three novellas under my belt (Bigger Things, Wedding Bands, Hooked, Spoons, and One to Keep). I hope you’ll check them out! I also write and publish under the pen name Toni Sheridan.

Alongside my creative and business writing, I used to offer a full line of editing services (specializing in substantive edits, a.k.a. storyline editing), but I’m sorry to say I’m no longer accepting new clients. If you need an editor, however, do contact me. I’m happy to refer you to someone great.

I am still doing workshops for writers of all ages and ilk, and I’m happy to sit on panels (or lead classes) at writing conferences or small business events. Please e-mail me at ev_bishop(AT SIGN)yahoo(DOT)com if you want more details about my experience, would like a list of topics I’m prepared to talk about, or have any other questions at all.

When I’m not reading or writing, I’m visiting with my growing family, or I’m outside, usually at the lake or in some garden somewhere. . . .

Happy writing and reading to you, and please do make contact. I love to meet new people. 🙂

~ Ev

7 thoughts on “About Ev Bishop

  1. Hi Ev,
    It’s Susan Pieters from SiWC saying hello. You have a great website and blog (so says the person who actually knows nothing about blogs, but it looks good to me.) I was fairly brain dead this afternoon so I didn’t put much effort into finding you or Barb or Angela, I just left for home.
    I will be revising madly my first 80 pages of the Diet book this week. If you or Angela are interested in having a look, please let me know and I’ll send it right away.
    It was so good meeting you all, and as I get myself set up, I’ll be in more contact!


  2. Dear Susan,

    It was good to meet you too! I hope your revisions go well this week and please do “be in more contact” as soon as you’re ready/have time. 😀



  3. when is the book THE CATCH coming out about Aisha’s Story
    I loved all these books kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next.
    Can say how good these books were. These were books that I do not normally pay that price but after reading Wedding Bands I couldn’t stop reading what was happening next with all these people


  4. Dear Chris,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying River’s Sigh B & B so much. THE CATCH will be coming out early in 2018 (the tentative launch date is set for March). Have you signed up for my newsletter? Please do, that way I can keep you in the loop re: THE CATCH and other books too. 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful fall and happy reading,
    🙂 Ev


  5. Thanks for coming by, Staci. Good question! Each River’s Sigh B & B book is a complete standalone story for one specific couple, but there are tiny threads that run through the series and don’t always get tied up right away. What Caren’s painting is/why she won’t let Callum see it is one of those threads. It will be answered in THE CATCH (Aisha’s book), coming early 2019. Sorry to be so mysterious, LOL… I kind of understand why Caren won’t share her work right away, but I too find it frustrating (and I’m the author of the stories! 😜)

    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the book and decide to spend more time at River’s Sigh B & B! Have a lovely autumn. 😊

    – Ev


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