Privacy Policy / Ev Bishop’s Reader Group/Mailing List Privacy and Data Usage Policy

Data Types

I collect and store some or all of the following types of data from people who subscribe to my mailing lists/reader groups:

⦿ email address (I use this to send emails)
⦿ first name (I use this to personalize emails)
⦿ last name (I sometimes collect this for newsletter sign ups and contests because sometimes people have the same, or very similar first names, and I’d hate to mix you up or give someone else something meant for you, and/or sometimes third party platforms allow data in this field. Example: when subscribers sign up through a giveaway event hosted by by a company like Booksweeps and people fill it in.)
⦿ signup date (I use this to sort out how long people have been on my list)
⦿ signup source (i.e. which form, platform, or landing page you signed up on; I use this to know what sources are attractive to new subscribers and where subscribers are finding me.)
⦿ device, operating system and browser (example “Windows 8 desktop running Google Chrome”, “iPhone running iOS 5”, etc; this helps me to know how best to present certain types of content—for example in optimizing my website for various screen sizes, operating systems or browsers. However, I don’t intentionally collect this: it is just sometimes forwarded to me from the platform a subscriber signs up on.)
⦿ reader device and file type (example “Kindle”, “iPad”, “.ePub”, “.Mobi”, etc; this helps me to know what format to serve content such as ebooks in.)
⦿ location and time zone (this helps me know what legislation applies to the subscriber, and when a good time to send emails might be. By the way, location is general–like what country or sometimes what region/state. I do not have your address. That would just be creepy!)
⦿ which of my emails the subscriber is opening
⦿ which links in my emails the subscriber is clicking on

Things I do NOT do with subscriber data:

I do not sell subscriber data (only a jerk would do something like that, anyway, but I just thought I would make it clear).
I do not share subscriber data, except with third parties who do services for me as described below, or unless the subscriber gives me expressed permission (example: if the subscriber wants to ARC read for an author I know, and tells me to send their email address to that author. I would be much more likely to give the author email address to the subscriber, but theoretically, under the right circumstances, I might forward the email address if the subscriber directly asked me to do so.)
I do not use subscriber email addresses to send spam (because I am not a jerk).
I do not send emails in a way that makes subscriber addresses visible to other subscribers.
I do not personally store subscriber data anywhere that is not password protected, and, although I have no control over Third Party practices, I only use Third Party services that are reputable and have security systems in place.

Third Party Data Use

I use the services of Third Parties for:

1. email list management and mass mail outs;
2. data analysis;
3. advertising;
4. delivering content such as books.

I may therefore share any of the subscriber data I collect with these third parties for the purposes of emailing, storage, management and analysis (e.g with email list management services such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite,, etc.), and for targeting advertisements on other Third Party platforms (example: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore my advertisements may be targeted to subscribers who have accounts on these platforms that are associated with the same subscriber email address they provided to me).

This is a current list of the Third Party services I use and to whom I may provide subscriber data (I will notify subscribers of any additions to this list), along with links to their privacy policies:

Mailchimp (privacy policy:
Mailerlite (privacy policy:
Bookfunnel (privacy policy:
Facebook (privacy policy:


Agreement with Policy and Future Updates

I may update this policy from time to time, and I will send notifications to subscribers when I do, but it will be the subscriber’s responsibility to inform themselves of any changes: by remaining in my mailing list/reader group after changes take effect, you are accepting any changes to the terms in this policy.

As always, subscribers (you!) are free to unsubscribe anytime, and there will always be an unsubscribe link in the bottom of my emails.

By signing up for my mailing list/reader group, you are accepting the terms of privacy and data usage practices laid out in this policy and are agreeing that you will not take legal action against me either for my use of your data, or for the use of your data made by any Third Party with whom I share your data in the course of using their services.