That shiny sparkling hope . . .

So I’ve been hiding out in my little buried corner of a very white world lately, busily, busily working away–on my own writing, yes, but also on an editing project and two writer-for-hire gigs.

It’s lovely weather for tea and books and holing up, and I have to fight going into full hibernation–but fight it I must. Spring will come and I will be very sad if I have not ventured out to the mailbox and kept my submissions up. So far I’ve been doing well, sending out a couple of things every week or so, and–even better–getting responses. That’s the trick, isn’t it? In order to get acceptances, we have to send things out (I know, I know–my blog, so enlightening isn’t it? Heh.).

A friend of mine always says to make a lot of submissions when you’re feeling down about your work because having things “out there” is inspiring and motivating. I totally agree. I think it’s because of the shiny sparkling hope that goes along with each hit of “send,” each envelope we seal and stamp. As long as our words are out there they have the chance of meeting some one who likes them, relates to them, laughs at them, or cries with them . . . And while they’re out, our minds are free to find new stories to spend time with.

What about you? Are your submission habits different according to the season? Do you send less or more in long winter months? How do you keep your writing hopes sparkly?

3 thoughts on “That shiny sparkling hope . . .

  1. I agree with your friend that having things out there is inspiring and motivating. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing horribly in that department. I’ve been so wrapped up in writing lately that I haven’t been sending out submissions and I know that’s not a good thing.

    Glad to hear you’re getting your submissions out there though. At least someone is.


  2. Same as Laura!! I do agree!! I really do!! But you would never know it….

    My writing time is too small still with the kids and baby, that I can’t possibly use any of it for editing some shorts that are written and send them off, could i?? lol

    Glad to hear your winter is going well!!


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