Interviewed at The Freelance Survivor

I was recently interviewed by Dee-Ann LeBlanc of The Freelance Survivor, a site packed full of useful information. Fun! You can read what I had to say here.

9 thoughts on “Interviewed at The Freelance Survivor

  1. Great interview. Very telling, especially about word of mouth. You really can’t beat it in business, especially in a small community.


  2. Dear Jennifer,

    Thanks for the nice comments re: my interview. I _do_ enjoy what I do and feel really stinking fortunate to be one of those lucky few (it seems) who can say that.

    And YAY, I’m so glad to hear something so nice about my website. I don’t get as much traffic to it as to my blog and I’ve been a little sad about that, because like you, I think it’s pretty snazzy. 🙂 🙂

    I wanted to go a step up from what I had before, without huge cost, plus I wanted full control (with ease!) of updates, all of which led me to choosing a middle ground. I purchased a CMS template, configured for WordPress users. I love my site–and find it a lot better than a lot of sites I know people have paid thousands for.

    If you want to read a bit more about the decision/process, visit this link and scroll down to “To combine my blog with my website or not to combine . . . ” I list the site who designed the initial template, etc.


  3. Well, you did a great job. Thanks for the link and the resource. I will take a look at it. I recently launched my www, and I find it kind of lamo, but it is a free self-creation…


  4. Dear Jennifer,

    >>>I will take a look at it. I recently launched my www, and I find it kind of lamo, but it is a free self-creation…<<<

    I think it's fine–and I love that you did your own design. Yours is quite a bit like my first website, actually. Then I did a combo of a Mac template/my own code to personalize it. Yahoo was my server though, and as happy as I'd been with them when I had a PC, they couldn't support Mac pages as well and updating became a a major chore.

    I love CMS! (And I had to know _enough_ about how everything works to set it up, etc., so I still got my geeky little thrill and feeling of accomplishment! 🙂


  5. >>>you’ve inspired me to find my geeky self<<>>get my website to what I want it to be.<<<

    There are so many cool options now. Have fun finding the one that suits you best!


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