1st Friday Fun – August 3, 2018! Comment for a chance to win! #mgtab #bookgiveaways

Hooray and happy August! It’s the first Friday of a new month already, it’s also time for another giveaway time here at evbishop.com.

This month’s giveaway: Three signed copies of Spoons! That’s right: this month 3 lucky winners will get a signed paperback in the mail. (Imagine! Postal mail that’s not just another bill. So fun, right!? 😄)

How to enter for your chance to win: Comment/reply to this post. Seriously, that’s it!

COMMENT SUGGESTION: *Describe your dream library and/or share what character (or author) would be the librarian in your personal literary paradise.

(You can, of course, add anything else you want, so long as it’s appropriate for all ages. 🙂 🙂 )

WHEN DOES THIS MONTH’S GIVEAWAY CLOSE? August 15, 2018. Please share this post because the more that play, the merrier, right?

P.S. A huge congrats to last month’s (July 2018) lucky winner: Pat Hansen!

P.P.S. Haven’t taken part in Friday Fun here at evbishop.com before? Here’s the nitty-gritty.

All you have to do is show up here on the first Friday of every month and follow the super easy directions, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win. At the end of each giveaway, the winner(s) will be chosen at random and contacted for his/her mailing address and the goodies will go in the post.

I’m looking forward to your comments and wish you a fabulous August!

*While on holidays this summer, I picked up a super fun little game called “Lit Chat – Conversation Starters About Books and Life” published by Book Riot. (If you’re in love with reading themed, bookish gifts, you will definitely want to visit their online shop!) Most of my 1st Friday Fun questions will be coming from there for the next foreseeable months, and since I know you guys are almost as book crazy as me, I thought I’d share the source, in case you want to grab it for yourself or your bookclub or whatever!

51 thoughts on “1st Friday Fun – August 3, 2018! Comment for a chance to win! #mgtab #bookgiveaways

  1. I’d love a library that would be a wing of a house. There would be huge, comfortable sofas and pillows and throws and of course a small bar area. Best of all, all my favorite authors (including you) would be the librarian on a rotating basis. I can’t pick a favorite character, too many to choose from. We’d be able to talk about everything and anything. Maybe if I win the lottery someday, it can happen. 💗

  2. I’d love a home library that had ceiling to floor bookshelves on the walls.And the room has to be pretty good-sized! Can a diligent reader have too much space? I think not. LOL And with a super comfy recliner couch so I could really stretch out and read for long periods of time. My librarian would be a visiting author who would be there for a month and then a different one would come in. I don’t think I would ever run out of my favorite authors that I would really like to have around. The circle of authors that I read is ever expanding and I love that it does.

  3. My dream library would be a large room full of floor to ceiling shelves filled with nothing but romance stories. Since I live in a mobile home that is only 1,300 sq ft it’s not going to happen. 🙂 I have to satisfy myself with a huge digital library and one bookcase filled with signed paperback books. I’d love to add one from you to my collection. 🙂

  4. Your dream library sounds so fun, ButtonsMom, with nothing but romance! 😍 😍 😍 (I can’t give up all the other genres, but I’d like my dream library to have a magic doorway that teleports a reader (me!) to yours. 🙂

    And I hear you on space constraints. Thank goodness for our limitless digital shelves. I hope your wish re: one of my signed books on your special shelf is granted soon. 😉 (I’ll be so honored to sit there!

  5. My dream library would have a cozy, comfy chair to curl up in to read with a roaring fireplace, a window that looks out to the snow covered mountains and an end table with a cup of hot chocolate with melted marshmallows on the top. I’d have lots of books (of course) and have Pandora playing Christian music.

  6. I wish my website had a LOVE button, Marjorie, not just a like. Floor to ceiling bookshelves are wonderful (I have one wall in my library like that and I do love it!) And I literally chuckled out loud at your question, “Can a diligent reader have too much space?” I know it was rhetorical, but I will answer anyway. No, he or she cannot! 😊 I also love your idea about changing up your librarian with a different visiting author every month. So fun!

    >>> don’t think I would ever run out of my favorite authors that I would really like to have around. The circle of authors that I read is ever expanding and I love that it does.<<<

    Me neither and me too!

  7. Aw, Michelle, I WISH I could be one of your visiting librarians and I’m honored to be part of your dream library scenario, LOL. 😊😊😊 Your space sounds lovely all together. If you win the lottery and make it happen, I call dibs on a big cushion and a glass of wine. 😊

  8. Ahhhh, sounds SOOOO lovely, Sandy. Why is reading in front of a cozy fire so dreamy? I don’t have a fireplace anymore (I used to have a wonderful glass-fronted woodstove that I still miss), but I do get lots of snow in the winter and live surrounded by beautiful mountains, so I feel very blessed. 😊 Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!

  9. I’d like a room with floor to ceiling insulated windows and padded seats in most of them, so that i could look at the outdoors while reading — have to rest the eyes once in a while, right? There should be a fireplace/stove for the winter and late fall, and a/c for the hottest times of the year – must keep the humidity down to protect the books – but the windows should open to let in fresh air no matter the season. I don’t have one really favorite author to act as librarian, but I’d like to have several come and visit as ‘acting’ librarians — that’s the career I just retired from and I’d love to discuss the proper way to make all my books on the shelves, which will NOT be taller than 6′, easily accessible to anyone who visits.

  10. I’d love a library with a fireplace, big comfy couches and walls of book shelves
    Thanks for the chance

  11. I would just love a room of shelves against all the walls and rows of bookcases and a table with a lamp and phone to the kitchen to access the help for food, a comfy chair, a bathroom and a locked door with me with the only key. Peaceful no interruptions no chores. I can always dream

  12. My dream library would be one with the traditional green paint on the walls and a big circular staircase. My librarian would be Mary Higgins Clark.

  13. hmmm my dream library would be a nice sized room (say 10’x10′), with high ceilings and a beam across. The room would be very rustic, warm and cozy with medium to dark wood paneling with a mounted ceiling fan and even a small cut out way up on one wall to hold a small air conditioner. Floor to ceiling bookshelves, holding various paperbacks, kindles and nooks on yet another wall. A second wall would be a couple of nice sized windows (with screens of course) to open at various times throughout the year – even here in southeast Texas – lol. Another wall would display an old standing dimmer type lamp with a beautiful, long, comfy vintage chaise lounger/settee if you will beside it. (long enough to take a little snooze after reading a great cozy mystery or romance. A nice lightweight, cozy afghan would be draped across the top for the chilly or rainy weather. Beside the chaise would be a small, quaint table to hold a Keurig set up for hot teas and cappuccinos. The last wall would be french doors with coverings that could be completely shut off for darkness and then on sunshiny days you could look outside at nature. Happy reading.

  14. I have always dreamed of an actual room in my house called the library. It would have 2 floors with a moving ladder to find books. It would also have comfy furniture and plenty of afghans to keep warm.

  15. My dream library would be where they have many rooms for each computer user. as it is now it is about three rows out in the open and me having hyperacusis it can be hard when it gets noisy or for even little sounds that affect me. I would have one of my Favorite authors LaVyrle Spencer to be the Librarian.

  16. My dream library would have many hardcover books, but mostly audio books so the so could “read” and knit or quilt at the same time! My librarian would be a romance or mystery writer who also likes and appreciates handwork!

  17. My dream library would have books by some of my favorite authors, such as Lilly Gayle, Terri Blackstock, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Lisa Gardner, Danielle Steel, Mary Manners and also unknown authors that I find by checking websites!

  18. My dream library would be many cozy rooms with floor to ceiling books, many cozy chairs, window seats, and fireplaces. My favorite librarian would be well read and able to help you find the perfect book when you want something different to read

  19. My ideal library would be wall to wall, floor to ceiling book shelves. With a couple of window seats.Windows that open so you could hear the sound of the waves of the beach. It would also have a cozy fireplace for cooler days.

  20. My dream library would have floor to ceiling books. There’d be ladders, and gleaming wood. Nooks with comfy chairs to curl up in and tables for a cup of tea (or glass of wine). Plenty of light so I’d not strain my eyes. And I’d want Evie Carnahan as my librarian, though i’d be worried about her summoning a mummy on me. 😉

  21. I love my library. The building is historical and was donated by it’s owner. There is also an endowment to help with the operation of the library. Now my fantasy librarian is Noah Wyle (The Librarian). It would make my day to have books checked out by Noah.

  22. I would love to have a room that was walk to walk bookshelves full of books( I know that is what a library is). I just wish I had this beautiful room in my house with a comfortable chair just for reading and a sign on the door DO NOT DISTURB. I would be my librarian.

  23. My dream library would be a corner room with picture windows on two sides and a slider to a patio. All wall space would have floor to ceiling oak glass fronted bookshelves. Glass fronted so I don’t have to dust! A comfy love seat and chair with ottoman for cozy reading would complete the look.

  24. My dream library would feature shelves upon shelves for all the books I own and will own (let’s be real, you never have enough books and there’s always room for one more!). It would also include several cozy places to read including a chair that you sink into, a day bed with tons of pillows, and a window seat with cozy cushions and blankets to wrap up in while getting wrapped up in a good book. A fireplace would be nice as well as a warm beverage dispenser (unless I can include a dishy guy who brings the drinks to you and then snuggles in as well!).

  25. My dream library would be a little bit less private than you might expect. I would want a beautiful semi-public garden with all kinds of seating arrangements, from tree swings to hammocks and treehouses, benches by a pond and blankets on the grass… A small espresso bar with home-baked goods… And hermetically sealed glass-fronted bookcases that visitors can access, borrow books from/take books home/leave books they’ve already read, on a loyalty/honesty basis.

  26. Hello Ev,

    Giveaways are the absolute best!!!

    Smiles and Sunshine!

    Sent from my iPad

  27. Omigoodness, Ella. Your dream library is…AMAZING. 😍😍😍I love every single bit of your description and wish it existed so I could go there. I would be your most loyal patron and contributor.

  28. Your dream library sounds dreamy indeed, Rachel! And re: “(unless I can include a dishy guy who brings the drinks to you and then snuggles in as well!)”–It’s your dream library, hee hee. You can have anything and everything you want! 😄

  29. I love simple too, Lynne. 😊 What else do we really need? I did chuckle a little (and feel your need!) re: the DO NOT DISTURB sign and again at being your own librarian. You really _don’t_ want to be disturbed. 😊 I hope you get in some solitary reading time this summer! Thanks for coming by and good luck in the draw!

  30. Your library sounds wonderful, Pat. (And it’s so inspiring how generous some people are.) I think it would make a lot of people’s days to have their books checked out by Noah Wyle. 😊 I hope TNT keeps his show.

  31. Your dream library sounds gorgeous, Rhianona. I’ve always, always, always wanted a library that required ladders too. 😍 😍 😍 And LOL re: wanting Evie Carnahan as your librarian while being simultaneously worried about her summoning a mummy. 🤣

  32. Your dream library is absolutely lovely, Pam–and apparently a lot of us library lovers crave cozy fireplaces. 😊 Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the draw!

  33. Such a nice dream space, Irene! And I hear you on loving knowledgeable librarians (and raise that too also SO APPRECIATING book store staff that are actually readers!). Thanks for popping in and good luck!

  34. Oh yes, Rebecca. It totally makes sense that a dream library would have a dream list of authors on its shelves. I didn’t even think to add that! And I love that you find new-to-you authors by checking websites. 😊 Thanks for coming by and best of luck!

  35. A personal library of mostly audio books would be AWESOME, Becky. (I’m an avid gardener and love nothing better than digging in the dirt while simultaneously getting to enjoy a riveting story.) I’m sure you could find a librarian who fits your wish list! 😊 😊 😊 Good luck in the draw!

  36. You’re the first responder to bring up wanting space for private computer usage in your dream library, Jodi. Makes sense to me! 😊 And yes, LaVyrle Spencer would be a fantastic librarian! 😊

  37. Our dreams match, Joyce–and I feel very lucky because these days I do have an actual room in my house that I call the library. 🙂 Mine only has one floor (and how I WISH I could have a ladder!)–but it does have cozy chairs and blankets. 😊 😊 😊

  38. Omigoodness, Penny. Your dream library is beyond lovely! 😍 😍 😍 I’m sure you’d have no problem getting Leeanna Morgan to be the librarian in such a wonderful space. Happy reading to you too!

  39. I can see your circular staircase in my mind’s eye, Deborah. I love it! (And great call re: having Mary Higgins Clark as your librarian!) 😀

  40. LOL, Kat. I LOVE that your dream library includes a way to contact the help for food. (I want help too! 😂) And re: “I can always dream”–absolutely. We must, in fact! I hope you get some private reading space and some alone time this summer. Good luck in the draw!

  41. Your dream library sounds awesome, Sandy–and I love that you care about making it accessible to anyone who visits and have detailed plans re: protecting the books! 😊 I think having acting librarians (what a cool career, btw!) that change from time to time would be awesome too. Happy retirement and extra reading time to you! 😊

  42. My dream library would be like Belle’s in “Beauty and the Beast”. Walls of books with many comfy chairs. The things I would add are some skylights and tall windows for natural light. There would be a small coffee/tea bar with snacks to enjoy throughout the day. Some tables for my reading groups to sit, chat, and enjoy the coffee/tea/snacks. A children’s corner with more books for them to enjoy. A covered patio with ceiling fans/heaters/lots of chairs for outside reading enjoyment.

  43. Sounds lovely, Jan. A little library getaway! 🙂 And yes, Debbie Macomber would be wonderful to sit and chat with! 🙂 Good luck in the draw and thanks so much for coming by! 🙂

  44. Your dream library sounds wonderful, Teresa! I loved Belle’s library too, siiiigh-and the addition of a kids corner and outside reading area is lovely! 😍 Thanks so much for dropping in and good luck!

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