7 more sleeps . . .


Exciting news! As hard as it is for me to believe, January 2016 is over and February is upon us. And what does that mean? Well, that the launch date for River’s Sigh B & B, Book 3 is right around the corner. 😉

That’s right. SPOONS hits digital shelves (with paper versions to follow shortly) on Tuesday, February 9. Just seven more sleeps!

I’m really excited about this book, and I know some of you are impatient for it, too. (Yay!) I can’t wait for you to enjoy it.

So without further ado, here’s the official blurb – and to further whet your appetite, watch for chapter one soon. I’ll post it here in just a few days.



SPOONS, River’s Sigh B & B, Book 3
By Ev Bishop

There’s an extreme heat wave at River’s Sigh B & B, but things have never been colder between Noelle Archer and her husband Cade.

Dragged there for a reunion with Cade’s screwed up family, Noelle is confused, resentful—and considering divorce.

Noelle never would’ve predicted she’d be trapped in a loveless marriage, but Cade’s more distant and aloof than ever, plus she’s sure he had an affair. What other choice does she have? Husbands who cheat don’t become faithful, and wives who put up with it become bitter and lonely. She won’t have that for herself, and she won’t model that for her children.

Cade has always clung tightly to Noelle, his beloved daughters, and their life together. He’s not good at expressing himself, but he’s been confident, even cocky, that if he’s strong enough, works hard enough, provides well enough, Noelle will know how he feels. But now one moment of stupidity that wasn’t what it appeared has wrecked everything. He wants her to believe in him the way his parents and brothers never have, with no explanations necessary—but maybe that’s unfair.

He’ll swallow his pride. He’ll find the words. He’ll do anything to fix their relationship. But what if it’s too late? Can shattered love ever be restored?

Get SPOONS Tuesday, February 9, 2016!


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