Moving Day . . .

As much as I adore *Wordpress (and I do, I really do! :D), I’ve decided to act on a long contemplated decision: I am moving my blog, Write Here, Write Now, to my main website

It’s labelled, cleverly, “Blog” in the menu bar, or you can just click and find it here.

Please follow me over there because I’ll really miss you if you don’t. There’s a sticky post at the top of the page where you can sign up to subscribe to Write Here, Write Now by e-mail . . . or (top corner of screen) you can set it up as a RSS feed to wherever you best like to read the blogs you follow.

I won’t be updating this site anymore, but I’ll leave it active for awhile so that if you don’t happen by super regularly, you’ll hopefully still find me.


Happy reading, writing, and whatevering,
🙂 Ev

p.s. The whole of this blog has been exported to its new home already, and if you’re thinking of a similar amalgamation of your blog and website, but are worried because it sounds difficult, let me put you at ease. It’s really easy! You should totally do it. Think of all the time you’ll save (that you can dedicate to writing!) by only maintaining one website.

*Fortunately my blog is CMC WordPress template, so I won’t be in withdrawal or anything.

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