Annual Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day!

I just learned about this new “annual” day and I’m stoked! As my own kids are getting to the age where they’re often busy (though my daughter at least would never say no to a trip to the bookstore with me), I’m using it as a great excuse to hang out with my two of my sweet little nieces. We’ll each buy a book, then go for a coffee shop treat—and after that, I think we’re heading to my sister’s to make Christmas cards all afternoon. They’re almost as excited as I am!

How about you? Had you heard of this day before and are you planning to celebrate it? I’m definitely planning to make it an annual tradition (because I don’t go to bookstores enough, lol) because it’s fun, yes, to have a special day, but also because bookstores are important and I don’t want them to disappear from our towns and cities. Buying books online is great, but you tend to shop already knowing what you’re looking for. Browsing bookstores (and libraries), you discover stories and authors absolutely brand new to you. If going to bookstores isn’t something our kids do now, it’s not something they’ll do as adults—and the chances that they’ll only read what’s “popular” will be all the greater. And did I say it was fun?! 😉

Find out more about Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day at

2 thoughts on “Annual Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day!

  1. I never knew about this at all!! I clicked on the link – only 3 Canadian provinces – booo!!!! We should help spread the word!

    We missed it this year, but I’ll create one of my own bookstore days I think 🙂
    (and yes, I agree completly with you about the need to keep bookstores alive. I know people here in MTL were really upset with Chapters Indigo when they introduced sections of non-book items. As far as I’m concerned, if it helps bring people into bookstores go for it (plus they have really cool stuff I wouldn’t find anywhere else))


  2. This is something new to me, but what a wonderful idea. I’m all for time spent in a bookstore.It’s a great way to promote reading and bookstores. Online shopping might be convenient, but it’s the experience of going into a bookstore, browsing the shelves, picking the books up and touching them that I enjoy..


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