100 Stories for Queensland

As I may have happily blurted before, having a new story go to print never grows old, and today I’m thrilled to announce that 100 Stories For Queensland has hit the shelves. It contains my story, “Riddles”—about a boy and his Grandfather and questions that arise during tough times.

The anthology is chocked full of more than a hundred uplifting, heart-warming stories of every genre. In a year where there has been so much global bad news, it’s extra lovely to be a part of it. Plus, all of its proceeds got to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Appeal. )—and while the floods in Australia may feel far away in time and place to us in other parts of the world, for people still rebuilding, continuing help, support, and encouragement are crucial.

And on a similar note (great reads and great causes like charities and emerging writers!), I’d also like to mention another charity anthology, also from Emergent Publishing: Nothing But Flowers—a collection of 24 quirky short stories (including “I Dream of Cherry Pies” by my good friend and fellow writing fiend, Jen Brubacher) that in some way or another all celebrate and laud love—in the time of apocalypse. A little bit strange, a little bit odd, and definitely great fun.

Click on the covers to buy the books on Amazon—or, if you don’t want to splurge right now, add them to your wish list to help boost the books’ chart standing.

Happy reading and writing,
🙂 Ev

10 thoughts on “100 Stories for Queensland

  1. Great news, Ev!! I always love reading your stuff- so this one’s sure to be fun as well!

    You know, I’ve always wanted to participate in antholigies for charity and fundraising – how did you go about finding it? Or were you approached by them?


  2. Dear Jennifer,

    Your kind words made me so happy–I’m so glad you like to read my work. 🙂

    And re: anthologies. I’m on a lot of e-mail newsletter lists and involved with quite a few online writing forums . . . That’s where I find out about a lot of calls for submissions. I will e-mail you any that I get that are interesting, sound good? Otherwise, I’d suggest googling, maybe. 🙂


  3. Wonderful news, Ev. Being part of an anthology is always fun. I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with quite of few writers who have been in some of the same anthologies with me.


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