What kind of horse would you be?

It’s hard to follow up a post like Vigil with something light and happy, but that’s life: a thorough mishmash of beautiful, awful, lovely, ugly, sweet and bitter all the time.

I was recently interviewed by author (and dear friend) Angela Dorsey. It was a fun diversion from all the things going on my my life right now.

My favourite question was “What kind of horse would you be?” (very fitting coming from her half-human/half-equine soul!). And in light of what I just wrote here about life, I’d amend my answer—still Pinto, absolutely (I was obsessed with Western movies and correct me if I’m wrong, but a lot of the tough little Indian ponies were Pintos*, weren’t they?), just for more elaborate reasons. Pintos aren’t generally considered glamorous or gorgeous by most horsey standards, but they are tough—sure-footed, fleet little beasts that thrive in trying times and severe climates.

If you’d like to read the full interview, pop by Angela’s great blog, here.

I’d love to read some other writers’ takes on what horse they’d like to be . . .

*I’m sort of right: Apparently Pintos aren’t exactly the same as the Indian ponies, but they share a direct lineage and similar qualities.

7 thoughts on “What kind of horse would you be?

  1. I would like to say Arabian, because that’s what I grew up racing. But they’re far too skittish. Spanish Mustangs (second horse I owned) are sturdy and graceful, most of them anyway, with beautiful roan colorings and neat zebra & dorsal stripes. But I think I’ll go with the Andalusian (From Wikipedia: “Strongly built, and compact yet elegant, Andalusians have long, thick manes and tails. Their most common coat color is gray, although they can be found in many other colors. They are known for their intelligence, sensitivity and docility.”)
    Paint/Pintos were used as Indian ponies in the movies. Mostly Appaloosas(first horse I owned) and Mustangs in real life, I think.


  2. Aven, thanks for coming by. I loved all your horse descriptions and think you would love reading Angela’s novels to your kids; you should try them out.

    Andalusian, hey . . . sounds gorgeous (and “in real life” like they’d be a great horse to own).


  3. Well, I did this test once on facebook that told me I was a shetland pony, short, round and stubborn. But I’d like to think that I was something of a mix, a little bit of arabian, pinto, quarter horse and maybe a dash of shetland. Just to keep it interesting. 🙂


  4. LOL, Shannon–leave it to Facebook, eh? I like your mix idea too–suits you much better, giving you a alter-horse personality for every occasion, hee hee.


  5. I should try that Facebook test, because I really have no idea. I’d need to be prettier and probably more personable to be an Arabian, tougher to be a mustang, more cheerful and eager to be a Morgan, much faster to be a Quarter Horse, etc. So I guess I’ll pick grade horse, a mix of many breeds. In fact, come to think of it, my favourite horse of all time was a grade mare (a bit of Saddlebred, Morgan, Arabian, and Pony, from what we could tell, though there were probably a few other breeds in there too). And she was a pinto too, Ev. You would have loved her.


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