December already!

It’s December already—unbelievable, but fun. Deck the halls—falalalala!

I’m a bit afraid, however, because every month I play the “this is the month where everything will slow down and I’ll finally be able to write a little bit more” game—and every month, well, you play the game too, you know what happens: life doesn’t slow down; it only speeds up. Schedules don’t free up; they shuffle so we can fit more in.

But December? I don’t even try to fool myself. Lovely, full month that it is, I know my writing time will only shrink. But that’s okay this year—in fact, I’m looking forward to it. I managed to clear all recent “must write” goals (well, except for the ones I botched—cough, cough, Nano 2010), and with the exception of a few Ev’s Writing Services jobs, I am going to write for the pure fun of it this month.

You read that right. Pure fun. No goals other than to write at least twenty days this month (any subject, form, genre, no minimum word count), plus one tiny structured one. I’m going to enter Jen Brubacher’s very fun sounding contest.

The whole take-it-easy and play theme for December 2010 is a much-needed Christmas present to myself.

How about you? Do you write more or less during December? Do you give yourself a break or do you use the month as one last push to meet your goals before the year turns? Whatever you end up doing writing-wise, I hope you pour yourself some eggnog and really enjoy it.

p.s. It’s not that my writing isn’t fun all year—it’s just that usually it’s goal-orientated, stories I want to submit, a novel I want to pitch, etc. What will be fun about this month is that I have no prior intentions . . . . 😉

4 thoughts on “December already!

  1. It makes me so happy when the snowflakes appear on your blog. And hooray that they’re reflected in real life this week, too! I have a few inches of snow out the window. It’s marvellous.

    I think this year I’ll be writing less than usual… at least fiction. But most of the time I find winter an incredibly inspirational time of year. Cold days, long nights. Somehow that says to me, “Drink cocoa and imagine.”


  2. I love that my blog (and the real ground outside) has snow, too. 🙂

    Yay for your exciting project this month–it will be weird for you not to write fiction, but I know you can do it. And think how great it will be to go into January well on top of things.

    >>>I find winter an incredibly inspirational time of year. Cold days, long nights. Somehow that says to me, “Drink cocoa and imagine.”<<<

    I know exactly what you mean! I'm looking forward to it. Yay! 🙂

    (Okay, going and laying off the emoticons and exclamation marks now . . . )


  3. I think that’s a really good plan, Ev! I am going to have remind myself that Dec is a busier month (they are all so busy!!!) when I don’t hit the writing as much as I’d like to. Have a great month!


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