And the winners are . .

In the whirlwind of having the contest end and flying out to SiWC, I just realized that I forgot to say who won. (At least I remembered to notify them!) The happy book winners are:

Deniz Bevan of Montreal, Quebec – one signed copy of Facing Fire by kc dyer.

Laura Best of Springfield Annapolis County, Nova Scotia – a copy of both Facing Fire and A Walk Through the Window by kc dyer.

Congratulations, Deniz and Laura! And thank you for playing, everyone else. 🙂 I might do something else like this in the nearish future . . .

2 thoughts on “And the winners are . .

  1. You’re very welcome,

    And you have incredibly exciting news, too, don’t you? A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS is in order. And in case some of you readers don’t know why I’m congratulating her:

    Bitter, Sweet by Laura Best was just nominated for CBC’s Canada Reads list for recommended daily reading!

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