Because I love words* . . .

Anyone who values language, strives for just the right word and believes that having a whaphappening vocabulary is crucial to communication will adore this informational link.


You’re welcome.

πŸ™‚ Ev

*Alternate title: I want my own dictionary

p.s. Is anything better than Strongbad and Homestarrunner except, possibly, Teen Girl Squad? No, nothing is. It’s true. Every so often I forget–and then I remember and then . . . . I lose hours! The creators are sawesome–and zawesome, actually. Freaks–I love them.

11 thoughts on “Because I love words* . . .

  1. bishop: u gotta visit and comment my blog only if u feel like doing it. u can comment there in any known language- italian, french, en, spanish. u’ll get an answer. i speak them all.


  2. Mind Beauty: If you happen to read this, will you please give me permission or invite me ev_bishop(at)yahoo(dot)com to view your blog. If you don’t want me reading though, I understand.



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