Where Stories Come From

People frequently ask me where I get ideas from and I’ve even blogged about this topic before in “Ye Olde Idea Shoppe.” While I occasionally have a clear connection between input and my vision for output (Oh, for “Such and Such” I was sitting under a bridge when X, Y and Z happened and Bam! I was hit with the story idea), I generally stumble through some lame mumble: Well, I don’t really know exactly. Ideas are everywhere.

Today, however, I’m happy to share a concrete bit of knowledge—including pictures—about where some of my ideas come from.

This weekend I was garage saling with my aunt and suddenly this crazy handcrafted basket made of twigs and burlap and leather appeared from out of nowhere.

“It’s a witch’s basket!” my aunt proclaimed with a small cackle. Indeed, it is Someone Interesting’s basket. I do not know what ideas exactly are coming from the basket, but there are many and I’m interested to see which ones I try to put to paper.

How about you? In the mood for a writing exercise? Here’s the basket—in three locations for your imagining pleasure. Write a scene or a short that features it or its owner, be he/she a long time keeper of the basket or someone who has just stumbled upon it.

If you do write something about this basket and want to share, I’d love to read what you come up with: just point me to the place!

Happy writing,

10 thoughts on “Where Stories Come From

  1. Now that is an interesting basket. And I am not at all surprised that your aunt saw in it what she saw. 🙂

    I’m definitely inspired and I’ll let you know if I write something about it.


  2. Jen, re: “I’m definitely inspired and I’ll let you know if I write something about it.” Please do!

    And LOL about not being surprised about what my aunt saw in it . . .


  3. Dear Jennifer: I’m glad you like it! The handle is a rough, naturally bent twig–I have no idea why it seems so smooth in the photos. The whole basket is actually a lot more porous and rough (and a slightly darker colour) than it seems in the pictures, though it does seem it would hold liquid (I should test it!).


  4. Dear Deb–thanks for coming by! And regarding your comment, “Ideas abound. It’s deciding which ones to chase and develop that overwhelms”–absolutely! You nailed it.


  5. Oh Ev, what a wonderful basket! I bet it has many secrets. Thank goodness there are so many gems like this in the world to help spark a writer’s imagination. Ideas really do come from everywhere! Don’t they?


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