On Rewriting – a link to Alexandra Sokoloff’s wisdom

I’m not in rewriting mode right now, but Alexandra Sokoloff’s latest post at Murderati, “Top Ten Things I Know About Rewriting,” struck me anyway. It’s jammed full of really helpful information, laid out in a clear, easy-to-adopt way.

I wanted to keep a link to it for my own further reference, and I thought what easier place than here on my blog? Convenient for me and a nice resource for you all too.

Happy writing (or editing, as the case may be! :)),

3 thoughts on “On Rewriting – a link to Alexandra Sokoloff’s wisdom

  1. Thanks for this, Ev. I’ve always edited as I go but with my present WIP I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just take Alexandra’s advise and write though no matter how rough. In fact, I’m almost inclined to think I’ll try that this time.

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