“Red Bird” just out in AlienSkin Magazine

It’s always fun to have something new published, and since I’m just starting to sell my fiction, it’s extra fun when it’s a short story. If you have the time and/or inclination, check out “Red Bird” in AlienSkin magazine’s Dec. 09/Jan. 2010 issue.

I’d love feedback, good, bad or ugly!

Happy reading,

p.s. For readers, AlienSkin Magazine is a free source of great, quirky sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fiction of every bent, from light-hearted and zany to quite dark.

For writers, AlienSkin Magazine is a paying genre market. Support it!

8 thoughts on ““Red Bird” just out in AlienSkin Magazine

  1. There were certain phrases in the story that really struck me……”A few small children, unable to keep themselves expressionless as they took in the foreign expanse of chilly brightness, got the awe pinched off their faces by their mothers, ” was one of them…
    “…..the awe pinched off their faces….” brilliant…

    I’m still waiting for my copy of Cleavage to come in…I checked with the bookstore and they did order it..Guess I just have to be patient…


  2. Dear Laura,

    Thanks for reading “Red Bird” (and for liking it!). 🙂

    It’s weird how long it’s taking for Cleavage to come in–hopefully the wait makes it sweeter, not anticlimactic!


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