Terrace Writers’ Guild Fiction Contest

I had a great time at TWG last night! It was, as ever, inspiring and fun to chat writing with a bunch of other people. And Sarah from saz communications brought in the posters her company designed to advertise our third annual fiction contest. They are beautiful! If you’re a northerner reading this post, I sure hope you’re planning to enter! For more information about the contest and/or for short story writing tips, follow the links beside the poster.

TWG Fiction Award 9.5x5.75 Northword HER

TWG Fiction Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines

Short Story Writing Tips

3 thoughts on “Terrace Writers’ Guild Fiction Contest

  1. Yes, I OFTEN wish I could edit my comments. 😀 Anyway, no worries–I know which event you meant. I read earlier this evening (Thursday, July 9). It was really fun (so fun I almost forgot my nerves–almost!), and the audience (though small) was great. Seemed really engaged. Yay!

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