To combine my blog with my website or not to combine…

So I’ve pretty much decided on the template I’m going with in my latest update-my-website obsession. I don’t want to give any clues about its style or design features until it’s all pretty with my personal content, etc. Suffice it to say – it’s a WordPress theme (of course – ha ha), designed by I’ve perused a lot of template providers over the past few days, and I have to say ithemes remains my first recommendation for people who want a WordPress CMS site that _looks_ like a website, not just a blog (not that there’s anything wrong with sites that look like blogs/are blogs – it’s just not what I want, you know?). And that last bit about blogs brings me to my reason for posting today.

I’m trying to decide whether I should keep Write here, write now (this blog) at the address it is right now or if I should amalgamate it with Are there advantages to having your blog separate from your official webpage? I can’t really think of any disadvantages to putting them together. If anything, perhaps more people would find my blog…. If you’re reading this and have any thoughts on the subject, I’d love to hear them.

🙂 Ev

Video conferences – so great, so good!

Today I got to take part in business workshop in downtown Vancouver for just $25.00. The location and price are only noteworthy because I sat in a cozy boardroom five minutes from my house in Terrace, BC, taking part via video conference. Normally conferences, workshops, and seminars cost me hundreds of dollars in time and travel.

I love how technology opens up the world, creates great opportunities for professional development and education, and helps forge connections with others who do what you do. I’ve never minded working alone, which is a good thing considering my occupation, but at the same time, sometimes you just really want to hear people pontificate on the things you’re passionate about, vent about the issues that drive you crazy, and laugh at inside jokes that usually fall short because you’re the only one at the party who’s inside that particular field.

So yes, WRITING FOR THE WEB (focusing on the do’s and don’ts of effective webcopy) with Rick Sloboda from Web Copy Plus was great. Small Business BC is doing a real service in bringing high quality workshops to people across the province. If you’re off in the boonies somewhere (or even in the lower mainland), you should check them out online and see what they’re offering via video conference in your area.