Managing Your Website Using CMS

If you’re anything like me (for your sake, I kinda hope you’re not), you love computers and know just enough about them to be dangerous.

I’ve had a website since 2005, and over the years, it’s had many incarnations. I’m usually happy-ish with it, but that’s it. ISH. I always want more bells and whistles than I have the savvy for, yet I derive too much enjoyment from building it myself to hand it over to someone else to design and maintain (or perhaps it’s just that I’m a control freak, and cheap to boot ;)).

Enter CMS (Content Management Systems). From what I’ve been able to glean, I’m going to be able to build a pretty fabulous site that won’t demand re-inventing the wheel every time I want to update it. I’m even taking a course! (You know how much I love to take courses!) It’s another offering from Small Business BC (the seminar goes by the catchy title of this entry), running on January 27th. It’s only two-hours, but I’m optimistic. A good teacher can cover a lot of ground quickly, and with a solid enough introduction, I should be able to give it a go.

I’m excited!