Pamper yourself, dear reader!

If I lived nearby, I might pop by your house and drop off a little batch of this, with a note that said something like, while you’re taking care of everybody else, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. 

Since, however, I don’t live close by (and since I’m just an author you discovered on the internet and it might be creepy of me to show up unannounced, LOL), let me do the next best thing and give you the amazing recipe. It’s easy to make and sure to soothe you. It’s a perfect spring and summer treat after long days outside.  

Add the simple ingredients to your shopping list and create your own River’s Sigh B & B worthy bath experience. 😊 (Don’t forget to bring your eReader or a book into the tub with you!)

I’ll be adding more soaks and pampering recipes of some kind or another every so often, so please check back. And in the meantime? Enjoy!