After you checked in, Jo accompanied you down a meandering trail, past a dreamy collection of other cabins hidden here and there amidst towering pine trees and massive, fragrant cedars. In the distance, you hear the rumble and sigh of water rushing over rocks—the sound of the river nearby.

Now, though you practically have to pinch yourself to believe it, you’re snuggled into a huge old rocking chair, along with a comfy homemade quilt, on the small deck of the super cute cabin you chose from the brochure—Rainbow. While you sip a glass of wine, kindly supplied as a “Welcome to River’s Sigh,” you daydream that the quaint little two-bedroom treasure is yours.

All too soon, you pull yourself out of your reverie. You can’t wait to take a long soak in the bathtub that is absolutely as charming as promised, but Jo mentioned that there’s a buffet dinner in the big hall tonight, which is a bit of an extra treat because normally they only provide breakfasts to guests.

Your stomach is rumbling and although the prize package included a ten-day rental of a new Jeep Cherokee that you’re excited to drive, you want to put off exploring and buying groceries until tomorrow. You decide to relax and join the other guests for dinner.

You change out of your travelling uniform—yoga pants and a hooded sweatshirt—into slim fitting jeans, a cute tank top and your favorite cardigan and flats. Then you run plum gloss over your lips, smooth your hair, and head out of Rainbow.

As you enter the busy dining hall, a flutter of excitement mingled with nervousness goes through you. You’ve never holidayed alone before. It’s a bit intimidating—but also fun—to survey the huge banquet table of chatting, laughing guests and to try to decide where to sit.

A large noisy family with three little kids. Nix.

Two different trios of women. They would be your fist pick, but each seem super involved in their conversation and you don’t want to intrude.

An elderly couple who look away when you smile, sending out clear go away vibes.

A very attractive man with 5 o’clock shadow, wearing a lovely gray wool sweater that calls out to be touched. He looks up and smiles slightly, then goes back to his meal. He’s a possibility. He seems open to company, but not desperate for it—and you notice he has a laptop and a messenger bag, so he’s probably on a working holiday or something. You like it when a guy has an obvious job. It’s such a notable difference from Will.

There’s another obviously open seat near a group of four guys, all your age or slightly older. They’re drinking beer, but don’t seem drunk, and when they catch you looking at them, they raise their bottles in welcome and one of them calls, “We’ve got a chair open here if you want.”

Okay . . . what to do? You don’t really want to sit all by yourself at the end of the table. You want to meet people—and if they happen to be hunky male people, that’s a nice bonus.

OPTION 1: Do you choose the seat across from the man in the delicious sweater who’s sitting alone?

Or . . .

OPTION 2: Do you smile to yourself, imagining your best friend Lucy’s response when you call later and tell her you had dinner with not just one, but four cute guys, and accept the quartet’s invitation to sit with them?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

**Options are now closed. I’m well used to the results being close, but November 2017 Ev’s News subs voted for a tie! 50% wanted to sit down near cute sweater-wearing guy. 50% were feeling adventurous and were going to sit by the friendly four. I guess that makes me the tie-breaker! Tune into Episode 4 to see where you end up sitting!