Déjà vu Thursdays

I’ve been blogging for just over two years now—crazy! It’s been great fun, not arduous at all as I had once worried that it might be. The process is inspiring and motivating in terms of how it complements my other writing, and I’m delighted by the people I’ve come to know through the blogosphere.

Scrutinizing my stats page recently, however, I realized that it’s usually just recent posts that get visitors. Past posts are only occasionally stumbled upon by the odd Internet search for something esoteric that one of my entries seems to fit.

With 27 months of writing accumulated here, that means a lot of unread words. And I like some of my older entries. There are themes I revisit—and the odd one that makes me think, Hey, I’ve moved on from there—or not. 😉

On that note, I’ve decided to recycle some of my past posts, hence déjà vu Thursdays. I’ll still post new content, of course (maybe even more regularly, as I’m aiming to have a new post up every Monday), but I hope readers will enjoy perusing past thoughts and not think it’s a cheat or anything. 🙂

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