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My dear friend Jen must’ve been reading my mind. I was planning to post about the writing group I’ve attended (and loved) for years and years: Terrace Writers’ Guild, or TWG. (Okay, so it’s not the cleverest moniker; at least people know what our club is about!)

Jen, however, beat me to it and in a lovely, poetic way that makes you feel like you popped into the meeting for a few minutes. I may still write about it too at some point, but here’s her take on her writing group. And mine. I think the affection and appreciation she feels is pretty clear. How about you all . . . Do you have a face-to-face writing group you attend? Did you ever? What are pros to having one? Are there ever cons?

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6 thoughts on “My Writers’ Group

  1. Been in 3. One was a positive experience. Two not so. Big problem? Participants preoccupation with style and genre, not craft.

  2. I’m looking for one now. It’s been some time since I’ve been part of one, and I miss it. Not only for the feedback but for the connection with other writers. Plus I love reading the work of others…

  3. I’ve been in four. TWG was awesome and still is. Two, not so much: in one, the members were too preoccupied with ego, and in the other, there was a terrible lack of interest in writing. However, the one I just joined looks promising. It probably won’t be like TWG, but at least the people like to write and they like each other!

  4. Dear Sandysays,

    Thanks for posting. Snobs are tiring; writers who feel that good writing is limited to one specific style of writing or genre are, well, _limited_.

    What do you write?

  5. Jennifer, I really hope you find a new writing group. Having flesh and blood people that you actually have to check-in with face-to-face at a regularly scheduled time is a great way to be be kept accountable. Good luck in your search!

  6. And TWG _still_ misses you, Ang–long distance is not the same (but it’s better than nothing!). I’m glad you’ve found a new group to call home though (we’ll just pretend your bad experiences didn’t happen. :))

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